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With a legacy of over 40 years, Avalon is an experienced homebuilder, embodying a commitment to sustainable living. Our energy-efficient townhomes reflect the company's passion for homebuilding and an unwavering vision for a sustainable future. Pioneering Net Zero homes for over two decades, Avalon has set the benchmark for comfortable, durable, and affordable Net Zero and Net Zero Ready townhomes. Our dedication to delivering Net Zero for Zero Extra Dollars sets us apart. Avalon has become one of Calgary's foremost multi-family builders, poised to bring greater comfort and healthier living to ZEN Net Zero and Net Zero Ready townhome owners.

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ZEN Townhomes from the high-$200s

ZEN Mahogany offers a collection of Net Zero and Net Zero Ready townhomes, featuring 2 & 3-bedroom two-storey homes, some including an attached garage, rooftop patio, and third-level development, as well as 1 & 2-bedroom one-level flats. With a focus on sustainable living, lower utility bills, and unparalleled comfort, these residences embody the essence of modern living.