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Mahogany Schools are at the Head of the Class

Bright futures begin with a solid foundation, and in Mahogany, kids will have a brilliant head start with two brand new elementary schools.

Divine Mercy Elementary School, located along Mahogany Blvd., is one of the newest additions to the Calgary Catholic School Division. Accommodating up to 750 students from kindergarten to Grade 6, Divine Mercy Elementary School is now open. Learn more about this exciting new school.

Preparing to open is Mahogany Elementary School in the Calgary public school system. Recently green-lit by the Alberta government, Mahogany Elementary will serve K-4 primary students beginning in fall 2022.

One of the many benefits of living in a pedestrian-friendly community like Mahogany is being to walk or ride a bike to school and home again at the end of the day. With the arrival of our two new schools, your children will be able to enjoy that simple pleasure while developing a sense of independence and learning all about their community’s network of pathways and parks.

In the meantime, many of Calgary’s top schools are designated for Mahogany residents. Visit our show homes to find the home that suits your family just right.

Mahogany Designated Schools

Regular Program – Separate School Board

Elementary (K-6)
Divine Mercy - 228 Mahogany Blvd. SE, 403.500.2132
Elementary/Junior High (K-9)
Monsignor J. S. Smith - 2919 Douglasdale Blvd. SE, 403.500.2069
Senior High (10-12)
All Saints - 729 Legacy Village Road SE, 403.500.2133

French Immersion Program – Separate School Board

Elementary (K-6)
St. Cecilia - 610 Agate Crescent SE, 403.500.2040
Junior High (7-9)
St. Matthews - 416-83 Avenue SE, 403.500.2030
Senior High Extended French (10-12)
All Saints - 729 Legacy Village Road SE, 403.500.2133

Regular Program – Public School Board

Elementary (K-6)
Riverbend School - 65 Rivervalley Drive SE, 403.777.6510
Junior High (7-9)
Sherwood School - 2011 66th Avenue SE, 403.777.7590
Senior High (10-12)
Henry Wisewood - 910 75th Avenue SW, 403.253.2261

French Immersion Program – Public School Board

Elementary (K-4)
Sundance School - 200 Sunmills Dr. SE, 403.777.8690
Junior High (5-9)
Fairview School - 7840 Fairmont Dr. SE, 403.777.7900
Senior High (10-12)
Dr. E.P. Scarlett - 220 Canterbury Dr. SW, 403.281.3366

Spanish Bilingual – Public School Board

Elementary (K-5)
Eugene Coste School – 10 Hillgrove Crescent SW, 403.777.8511

Montessori Programs

Lake Bonavista School
1015 120 Ave SE, 403.777.6871
(public school board, bus transportation available)
Oaks and Acorns Kindergarten
Auburn Bay - 4963 Front St. SE, director.seton@oaksandacorns.com
(publicly funded, transportation not provided)

* Designated schools are subject to change – please contact the appropriate school board directly to confirm current designations and enrollment.

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