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Hopewell Residential

Sandgate Condos

Price from the $190s
Size 601 - 1,282 sq ft
Contact Hopewell Sales Team 403.475.9464
Hopewell Residential

Hopewell Paired Homes

Price from the $330s
Size 1,181 - 1,639 sq ft
Contact Hopewell Sales Team 403.452.8177
Hopewell Residential

Laned Homes

Price from the $380s
Size 1,001 - 1,972 sq ft
Contact Hopewell Sales Team 403.984.3558
Jayman BUILT

Laned Homes

Price from the $380s
Size 1,428 - 1,799 sq ft
Contact Paul Koski 403.454.1835
Hopewell Residential

Single Front-Attached Garage Homes

Price from the low-$400s
Size 1,464 - 1,962 sq ft
Contact Hopewell Sales Team 403.452.6177
Jayman BUILT

Double Front-Attached Garage Homes

Price from the $430s
Size 1,977 - 2,788 sq ft
Contact Lawrence Wong 403.532.4035
Hopewell Residential

Double Front-Attached Garage Homes

Price from the $470s
Size 1,852 - 2,894 sq ft
Contact Hopewell Sales Team 403.452.6177
Excel Homes

Double Front-Attached Garage Homes

Price from the $490s
Size 1,788 - 2,600 sq ft
Contact Charla Power 403.452.2120
Homes by Avi

Lakeside Estate Homes

Price from the $700s
Size 2,200 - 3,000 sq ft
Contact Staci Stryker 403.536.7262
Calbridge Homes

NEW Lakeside Estate Homes

Price from the $740s
Size 2,200 - 3,000 sq ft
Contact Sharon Csabonas 403.457.5950


The benefits of condo ownership in Calgary are clear: a stylish home of your own, complete with maintenance-free living, and a price that’s surprisingly attainable. Mahogany takes condo living to the next level, however, with the added benefit of Calgary’s best lake lifestyle. Walk everywhere – this is the way condo living was meant to be, and Mahogany’s award-winning builders make it possible.


Searching for a townhome in Mahogany is as easy as it is enjoyable. Here, innovative builders deliver affordability, livability and style – not to mention low-maintenance home ownership. All of this adds up to more time for you to enjoy a perfect location close to the community’s most treasured amenities and conveniences.

Street Towns

Mahogany’s popular, all-inclusive two and three-bedroom Street Towns represent a new kind of townhome living, in that homeowners own both their home and land (and therefore pay no condo fees). These lifestyle-oriented homes feature a rear-detached garage or parking pad, private, fenced backyard with a deck/patio, landscaping and much more.

Paired Homes

Smart floorplans and stylish specifications, all thoughtfully coordinated for the way you want to live – this is the hallmark of Mahogany’s paired homes. Add excellent use of space and the freedom to personalize your interior, and it’s easy to see why this is one home ownership opportunity you’ll quickly grow attached to.

Laned Homes

A laned home of your own, with all of the style you crave, together with the quality and service you expect from our award-winning builder group – you’ll find this and more in Mahogany. Designed to make smart use of space, your new laned home will feature designer finishes and appointments, and can be carefully tailored to reflect your personal style.

Rear-Attached Garage Homes

Mahogany’s innovative rear-attached garage homes are designed for indoor/outdoor living, and are beloved by homeowners seeking a unique outdoor escape. With a private side courtyard, floorplans created exclusively for Mahogany, and a double garage attached to the rear of every home, it’s no surprise that these homes are attracting so much attention.

Front-Attached Garage Homes

A spacious family home in Mahogany offers the best of modern lake community living – with the added year-round convenience of a front-attached garage. Plus, with designer-selected interior features and specifications and a range of architecturally-authentic exteriors to choose from, you can be sure your new home will reflect your personal style inside and out.

Bungalow Villas

With lifestyle-oriented floorplans, designer accents and upscale interior specifications, Mahogany’s Bungalow Villas by Baywest Homes are immediately recognizable for their distinctive character. Ideally situated near Mahogany lake, they represent an exceptional opportunity to choose sophisticated, yet relaxed, four-season lake living.

Estate Homes

Estate homes in Mahogany take upscale living to new heights, with practically unlimited possibilities to build a home tailored and crafted specifically for your style, interests, and way of life. From designer-coordinated specifications to state-of-the-art conveniences, your Mahogany estate home will be a legacy to your vision – and a source of pride for years to come.