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Francis and Vicki D’Souza


As Mahogany’s very first purchasers, Francis and Vicki D’Souza have witnessed the community’s growth and evolution over the years. With each passing season they look forward to welcoming new friends to the community and sharing their enthusiasm for the wide range of amenities that residents enjoy.

“There are many things about Mahogany that people don’t know until they visit,” Vicki states. “It’s like our own little city!”

The recurring theme of social interaction and community spirit is one that the couple is quick to point out. From dinner clubs to outdoor parties, people here take advantage of countless opportunities to gather and connect, whether indoors or out – and that’s the main reason the D’Souza’s could not imagine calling any other community home.

“Go to the beach or community events and you always know people and can socialize,” says Vicki, who chairs a Homeowner’s Association committee. “It becomes much more enjoyable, like a close knit family. Come out and take a tour of Mahogany – see what’s it’s all about!”

  • The D’Souza Family’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Friends, family & lots of community events
  • Amazing homebuilder workmanship & service
  • Their view of the lake & wetlands is so peaceful
  • Opportunity to shape Mahogany’s future through volunteering
  • Activities & fun for all generations