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Megan, Scott & Family

Comforting & Spacious Community To Make Memories In

Megan and Scott’s young family felt instantly welcomed by the Mahogany community’s helping hand. For them, community friendships and outdoor living spaces were at the top of their homebuying list, especially during a pandemic when being shut in became mundane.

Originally they began their search for a new home that came with outdoor extensions, such as a courtyard and open spaces, and in the end they got so much more than just that.

“There’s a really neat sense of community in Mahogany,” Scott enthused after reaching out to his new neighbours for toy recommendations and being gifted personalized pieces instead.

The acts of kindness and the growing trust in their community proved to Megan and Scott that they had made the right decision and that their new home was situated in a very special place.

“The thing I love the most about the community is the people.”

  • Megan & Scott’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Active and friendly neighbourhood
  • Outdoor spaces to enjoy within walking distance
  • Family-friendly amenities nearby
  • A growing community made for families