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Dan, Shelley & Family

Living, playing and growing together

First-time homeowners Dan and Shelley were looking for a new community where their family could thrive. For them, the chance to watch their community grow made Mahogany the ideal place to call home.

“Mahogany will get nothing but better as the years progress,” says Shelley. “To be able to be a part of that and watch it develop and grow is awesome.”

Being so close to Mahogany’s attractions only added to the appeal for Dan and Shelley. Parks, greenspace and amenities are just steps from their new home.

“It’s nice to be able to say, ‘let’s go for a walk’ and have destinations basically out your door,” notes Shelley. “We’re half a block from the wetlands, and there are lots of parks.”

With so many the details that make a community great, moving to Mahogany was an easy decision for Dan & Shelley. And they’re sure glad they did.

As Dan notes, “Mahogany was the obvious choice for us.”

  • Dan & Shelley’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Maturing trees and natural attractions
  • A growing community made for families
  • Countless amenities steps from home
  • Parks and wetlands to explore
  • Mahogany’s friendliness and walkability