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Wetlands & Pathways

Mahogany’s Natural Amenities: At Home in Nature

Mahogany’s 22 kilometers of paved pathways offer endless possibilities for recreation or relaxation. An invigorating training run; a casual bike ride to meet friends for coffee; or a dose of fresh air on your daily walk through the community – you’ll find countless of reasons to get outside and get moving.

One of the many special places those pathways lead to is Mahogany’s 74 acre naturalized wetlands. A haven for all residents to enjoy, the wetland features a ring of pathways and interpretive areas surrounding scenic naturalized wetlands, and is a destination for residents who wish to stroll, cycle or jog in a quiet, natural setting. Many species of birds and small animals are drawn to the Mahogany Wetlands, making it an ideal place to spend a peaceful afternoon enjoying the beauty of nature.

  • Fast Facts
  • 74 Acres of Naturalized Wetlands
  • 22 Kilometers of
    Community Pathways
  • Quiet Places to
    Reflect & Recharge
  • Walk, Jog, or Cycle
    Along Trails
  • Seating Areas & Viewpoints
  • Bird Watching &
    Nature Appreciation
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Couple with baby on wooden bridge that joins pathways