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Jay, Kyle & Asher

Amenities and conveniences all around

As a young family, Jay, Kyle and son Asher appreciate a day at the lake. Living at Mahogany means they can enjoy family time at the beach whenever the mood strikes.

“It’s just amazing,” says Kyle.

Jay agrees. “It’s nice to have a place to take Asher to swim and run around on the beach,” she says.

They also love having so much else so close to home. Jan and Kyle love the convenience of shopping and dining just minutes away at Mahogany Village.

“It’s so easy to go to Sobeys, and there’s Nando’s for a quick dinner,” notes Jay.

“And Kinjo – we’re big sushi fans.”

With everything their growing family needs, living in Mahogany makes perfect sense. It’s easy to see why Jay, Kyle and Asher decided to plant roots in Calgary’s premier lake community.

  • Jay, Kyle & Asher’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Four-season lake lifestyle
  • Swimming and beach play
  • Favourite dining options nearby
  • Convenient grocery shopping
  • Family-oriented community vitality