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History & Vision

A community this special comes but once in a lifetime

It began as a vision for the future. Hopewell Residential, Calgary’s Five-Time Developer of the Year, sought to create a community like no other in the city’s flourishing southeast; somewhere vibrant, walkable and inclusive, a place where people from all backgrounds and life stages could find their perfect home in an inspiring setting. A place so unique and special that it would instill a deep sense of pride and enjoyment not just for current residents, but also generations to come.

Today, that place is Mahogany. In Mahogany, Hopewell has created a dynamic, authentic community nestled within the spectacular natural beauty of the Alberta landscape. Like the land it is built upon, Mahogany itself will grow even more beautiful with time.

  • Fast Facts
  • Officially Launched on September 13, 2008
  • Envisioned & Developed by Hopewell Residential, Calgary’s Five-Time Developer of the Year
  • Awarded “Calgary’s New Community of the Year, 2009”
  • Awarded “Calgary’s Community of the Year, 2012”
  • Awarded “Calgary’s Community of the Year, 2013”
  • Awarded “Calgary’s Community of the Year, 2014”
  • Alberta’s Community Development of the Year, 2014
  • Awarded “Calgary’s Community of the Year, 2022”
  • Awarded “Calgary’s Community of the Year, 2023

Hopewell Residential Mahogany show home parade