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Allan & Beth

Downsizing made easy

When it came time for Allan and Beth to downsize and embrace a low-maintenance condo life, they wanted to be near their family and neighbourhood amenities.

“We’re close to family, we’re close to shopping,” says Beth.

“We’ve got it all right here.”

As seasoned homeowners, the couple knew what they wanted in their next community. Mahogany’s pedestrian-friendly vision was a key draw for them.

“We did a lot of comparisons, and Mahogany just seemed like the right place,” notes Beth. “There’s so much more here.”

Beth jokes that they might not even need a car anymore. Virtually all of their daily needs, wants, and activities are within walking distance from their condo.

“There’s just everything right here, so we don’t need to go anywhere,” she says.

“Of all the places to live, we chose Mahogany to be our home.”

  • Allan & Beth’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Pedestrian-friendly convenience
  • Shopping nearby, with even more to come
  • Downsizing their life, not their lifestyle
  • Convenient family connections
  • Lock-and-leave condo convenience