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The Beginning of an Exciting Journey

As a teacher, Brittany knows better than most that it pays to do your homework. So after a year of searching for the right opportunity, she found Sandgate in Mahogany was the clear choice.

“I looked at a lot of communities in Calgary,” says Brittany. “I chose Mahogany because of its amenities, and the Sandgate condo that I purchased is really great too. It has a library, which is awesome, and a gym, and it’s right across the street from the Urban Village.”

Another feature that grabbed Brittany’s attention was the genuine friendliness of the community. “When I take a walk through the wetlands or visit the beach, people wave, smile and say hello,” she says. “It’s really welcoming here.”

Despite working in the city’s northeast, Brittany says the community’s location makes it quick and convenient to get to class and back each day.

“What’s really perfect about Mahogany’s location is that it’s right off Stoney Trail. I feel like I’m actually closer to a lot more of the city than I would be in some of the other new communities I looked at,” she says. “I can hop in my car, or I can walk and I’m close to shopping and restaurants–I’m looking forward to the convenience of living here.”

  • Brittany’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Excellent location for quick and easy access anywhere
  • A sociable village vibe where friendly neighbours are all around
  • Countless established amenities, with more to come
  • Parks, beaches and Calgary’s largest lake make for fun-filled days
  • A cool Sandgate condo with a library and gym