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Kyle & Kayla

Putting Down Roots in Canada’s Community of the Year

One of the best things about Mahogany is the diverse range of people who are attracted to its lifestyle and amenities. Families, couples, singles and empty nesters all come together in a strong spirit of community–a benefit that was immediately appealing to Kyle and Kayla.

“Shortly after we moved in, we met our neighbours, and they’ve now become good friends,” says Kyle. “We have dinners together, play hockey together–they’re really good people.”

For Kayla, one of the community’s big draws is the family-friendly atmosphere. “When we start our own family, our kids will have lots of friends and neighbours to play with. I’m excited to raise our family here, and for my kids to be able to have the lake and activities nearby.”

Both agree that beyond the friendly neighbourly atmosphere and incredible amenities residents enjoy, there’s a distinctive character to the community that makes them proud to call Mahogany home.

“Mahogany has done a good job of making every house as unique as possible, but still keeping a flow in the community,” says Kyle. “Every house is completely different, but it all looks great,” adds Kayla.

  • Kyle & Kayla’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • Young, vibrant and very friendly
  • Character architecture that’s distinctive yet harmonious
  • Lots of kids and families to build ties with
  • The lake and boundless outdoor recreation
  • An opportunity to perfect the art of ice-fishing