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The Szarka Family

A Young Family Finds Their Happy Place

As a young couple with an active toddler at home, Scott and Laura wanted to find a home in a community that would grow with them. They found that, and much more, in Calgary’s three-time Community of the Year.

“When we first drove into Mahogany we felt immediately like it was a real community–it gave us a very comfortable feeling,” says Scott. “We knew it was somewhere we could settle down and be a family.”

Laura agrees: “It’s really nice to live somewhere with lots of other young families, where we can get together, go to the parks, go for a walk, or go to the Beach Club and just hang out.”

With little Gwendolyn keeping both Scott and Laura busy, an abundance of activities and recreational opportunities was high on their list–but so too was character.

“All the homes here are gorgeous,” says Laura. “Everywhere you go you feel ‘Wow, it’s beautiful here.’”

“We love Mahogany,” she adds. “We know we’ll live in here for a very, very long time. This is our home.”

  • The Szarka Family’s Reasons to Live in Mahogany
  • The first impression made a lasting impression
  • A great place to grow with the family
  • Year-round fun and activities
  • A warm sense of community
  • Peaceful, quiet and serene